[LMB] OT: "Seventeen Moments of Spring"

Maia maia.b at aon.at
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 11:53:59 +0200

Alex Y. Kwan schrieb:

>Someone on a mainland Chinese bbs (that focuses on "Friends" and other
>American shows and movies) recommended this Russian (well, more like Soviet)
>TV series from 1973 when I was raving about "Cambridge Spies" (the person
>was talking about how Otto from "Cambridge Spies" reminded him/her of
>Vyacheslav Tikhonov in "Seventeen Moments of Spring").
>Anyone knows anything about this series?
Well, it is about a Soviet spy who impersonates a German aristocrate von 
Stirlitz and  serves in Abwehr. He has to fulfill various missions and 
stay one step ahead of Gestapo. I have last seen it as child, so I have 
no idea how it looks now. It have heard that it was very popular when it 
first came out, but IIRC never considered particulary highbrow. 
Generally, Soviet films have modest productions values and are more 
focussed on dialogue and nuance than action. What else? I think that it 
was pretty long, but I am not sure just how many episodes it had. Some 
good actors contributed to it.