[LMB] 8/12/60 - Cynthia Gonsalves

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 19:43:21 -0700 (PDT)

Sans the bar tray and towel, new pair of white stockings on her plump
legs, the Surprise Tixie sedately walks onto the listee dimensions.
The familiar rustle of the cheatsheet in her pocket, she looks around
for the currently hiding small black cat.

Shrugging her shoulders, she takes out the cheatsheet. "A quiet
listee, but one whose become more active recently. Cynthia Gonsalves,
who spoke eloquently on her desire for a tasteful (wouldn't bankrupt
her widowed mother) wedding and long lasting marriage, possibly at a
con when the time comes, swears by the Goddess, talks about her
eagerly awaiting the Death of Rats - Ati it might have to do with her
feline  companion and something about a Fish.... Ati? - she sees Lady
Alys as the Miss Manners of the Vor set, and oh, yes, she baited the
costumers with the chance of using Pilot Padgett as a living model
for Regency and other fancy clothing is going to celebrate her 44th
birthday Thursday."

Unseen by the Tixie, a small black tail tip just shows itself poking
out of her embroidered apron pocket. "Fellow, Listees, Lets give a
puff of Tixie Dust to Cynthia on her 44th. Her Base eleven 40th as it

"May she have all the velvet ribbons and laces to do any of her
creations justice, may she always be able to get her Bujold and
Pratchett editions from the UK to avoid the strange US style covers,
and may she always have plenty of her favorite libations for friends
family and devotional gatherings. Happy 44th Birthday Cynthia."

A small black paw leisurely stretches up and jostles the hand holding
the goblet, spilling some of Cynthia's favorite libation on the floor
and Birthday Tixie apron. "Well, that's more appropriate than you
know sweetling" sighs the Tixie as she scoops him out and gives him a
snuggle and slips away into the darkness.

Susan in Kent