[LMB] Quaddies in DI

Ray RayLists at quixnet.net
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 22:28:00 -0400


[talking about quaddies]

> Wouldn't increasing bonding and decreasing aggression make the people 
> more susceptible to an authoritarian or collectivist regime? I can see 
> a Jacksonian House instilling this feature in its slaves (for sale or 
> otherwise) as a matter of course.

It probably would, but if the quaddies are governing themselves, there 
simply may not be enough dictator types to cause a problem -- especially 
if there is another factor at work that acts as a relief valve.  That 
factor may be the fact that they had to fight hard to leave a bad 
situation.  This may have instilled a deep cultural wariness.

Anyhow, how much do we know about the rules?  They may, in fact, live 
very regimented lives -- and be happy with that.