[LMB] OT: Malfoy on Pratchett, rated G I swear.

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 At 08:23 PM 8/11/2004 +0100, K Kuhn wrote:

>>".  Pratchett's characters,
>>once you accept that the Discworld is run on what people feel should be
>>true rather than quantum physics, do react like people. Even if their
>>first appearance in a book is often nearly impossible to reconcile with
>>what they act like in later books.  (Which is normally the kind of
>>continuity error that drives me nuts, but for whatever reason, I enjoy
>>it in Pterry.  Maybe because the later book character versions are more
>>real than the early ones?)
I wonder why it is that we can accept "the author had a better idea" 
when it's Lois but not when it's anybody else?  

Louann wrote:
>Re previous discussions of tone. I've been mulling this one over, and for 
>me the tongue-in-cheek quality of Pratchett paradoxically makes it easier 
>for me to take him seriously. Too much fantasy, especially children's or 
>part-children's books, drags in elements of the cutesy (I think this is 
>what the British-ism 'twee' means) 

That is correct.  Hand-crocheted tea cosies, bunnie-wunnies with tailcoats.  Bleargh.

>and expects us to take it seriously. 
>Narnia's lamppost in the middle of nowhere for no purpose, 

At least Lewis reverse-engineered a magical explanation in THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW.  I have no idea if he had that concept in mind when whe wrote THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE or not but at least it showed he was thinking.

>any number ofelements in JK Rowling. Because Pratchett is willing to 
>admit it when he's being silly, to me it leaves the fun element of 
>the silliness without poisoning the genuinely serious parts.

We tend to accept things and overlook "mistakes" in comedic writing that 
we would never, ever tolerate in a serious work.  Did anybody bitch 
about the obvious time and mass discrepancies in RED DWARF, like how did 
Starbug go from being a basic shuttlecraft to a minor starship stocked 
with months of foodstuffs and adequate costume changes for The Cat? 
 Heck no.

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