[LMB] Prayers and suggestions needed. Personal. OT:

Marna Nightingale marna at marna.ca
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 01:13:49 -0400

Some of you might remember me talking about Mouse and her older sister 
from time to time.

Five years ago, their parents split up.
The girls stayed with their father and their mother had reasonable access.

Last fall, after a prolonged period of unemployment, he moved the 
children to Charlotte NC, where he had work.

Their mother was not happy about this, but was still living with people 
who were unwilling to have her children full time.

Now she has her own place in Ottawa.  The kids came up for the summer, 
saying they don't want to go back, they want to stay with their mom. 
They have said this persistently all summer, giving reasons which are in 
the opinion of _all_ concerned not frivolous.

There is no custody agreement. There is no separation agreement. And 
there has been no move towards a divorce.

Their mother can't afford these things. Their father didn't see any 
reason why they should need them.

Until he went and got an interim order from a judge local to him while 
they were still in theory having a reasonable friendly adult discussion 
of what the next step might be, without telling anyone he had decided to 
take this step.

Friday night, he showed up with the RCMP and they took the girls to the 

ALL of them -- and their partners and housemates -- could use prayers. 
Lots of prayers.

Their mother has on top of all this a dead transmission and so can't 
drive down there.

She could use advice on how in crap a Canadian is supposed to get legal 
aid to pursue a custody case in the Southern US, if anyone knows that.

Or advice on family law in NC.

She could also use a couch to crash on if we can find a way to get her 
down for the court date, which is within a couple of weeks.

I am not saying that I know who ought to have the kids. As I said, I'm 
censoring myself heavily, on purpose.

But I do think that if it can be done, she needs to _make_ that court 
date, that it is in everyone's interests not to have the girls' future 
settled by default, and if anyone has a prayer or a suggestion or a name 
or a sofa to spare on this, the Amoeba will owe you a large one.

Please send any specific advice offlist; this list is archived publically.