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>>|>> Whitetails are North American, yeah, but Eurasia used to have |bison
>>|>> (wisent, now extinct, lived in the forests in e.g. Poland |until the
>>|>> 15th-16th centuries); caribou are reindeer; and aren't there |moose in
>>|>> Scandinavia? Not sure if those last are native or an imported |population.

|PHG> While the population of Wisent was as low as 50 in 1927, they are |protected
|PHG> and still exist in game preserves, and are making a small comeback.  |I saw
|PHG> a TV program about a Polish game preserve some years back which |showed some
|PHG> of them.

|Some of them have been released and now there is a free-living
|population. See <http://www.bpn.com.pl/eng/br.htm>

|There is a beer named "Zubr" (Polish for "Wisent") with a sweet
|commercial: <http://www.zubry.com/>. The slogan says "Wisent lives in the

|Ross probably messed up Wisent and Bos Primigenius (see

|Last recorded animal died in 1627.


You are correct; I mixed up the ruminants. And even for the aurochs (B. primigenius) ISTR a breeding programme trying to reconstitute an approximation of the breed from European domestic cattle ...


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