[LMB] OT: Technology (Non-fiction Reads)

Tom Vinson Tom_Vinson at mpsisys.com
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:26:58 -0500

Victoria L'Ecuyer (and/or her brother) noted:
> The problem with new technology (and this is private as well
> as military) is that it takes time to play with it and see
> just what the idiot factor (people who can't/won't follow
> instructions) can do to it. That's why a lot of old tactics
> are applied to new technology. Engineering new devices is a
> lot easier than changing old mindsets.

Heh.  You spend 6-12 months developing a system to report 
modeling results using the internet, so clients don't have to
run huge batches of simulations, etc.  And the first thing they
come back with is wanting a way to run a huge batch of simulations 
through it and print out the results.  And management won't let 
me add a popup screaming TREEKILLER in bold red font every time
they hit the Print button.

Then again, it's the idiot factor that keeps my job from getting


Programming today is a race between software engineers
striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs,
and the universe trying to produce bigger and better
idiots. So far, the universe is winning...    --Rich Cook