[LMB] sports in the future

Rebecca J. Carrington rebecca at andrewsgroup.net
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:00:43 -0800

Little Alex wants to know would they still be playing sports competitively in the future in Vorkosiverse... 

Uh yeah... but I suspect where there are the drug scandals now...there would be Gene-Mods Scandals for then. After all they would have to prove that they weren't "Genetically Modified" in order to participate. Miles was participating is some sports as mentioned in ACC but then again some sports this wouldn't necessarily be a big deal - thinking Soccer etc. I would think that if you were having Gene Mods that the Sculpting Facility would probably have some type of markers on their work. Sorta like Computer Chip makers do now. Point of pride & advertising. But I suspect there would Always be those "Facilities" or Doc's from Jackson's Whole who maybe could be bought to do the job... but then they might fall into the category of the whole "Balco" type scandal. (Balco or whatever that is sorta going on in the news now about doping for some Olympic Athletes especially in the past or maybe past Olympics.) Testing could or would eventually catch up to these people. 
So yeah... sports will still be played. New rules will have to be made/obeyed. And Honor & Integrity would become maybe even higher??

Just some of my thoughts anyways... on topic wheee
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