[LMB] The Paladin Returns! Let the Pilgrimage continue!

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:51:32 -0400

-- Paula Lieberman
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From: "Nancy L. Barber" <nlbarber at alum.emory.edu>

> Betsy, will you try to keep up with who on the list
> gets a chance to sign at WorldCon, and then ask
> Lois what she prefers about whether to send it out
> again?
> Oh, and three cheers for Canada Post! I'd have
> liked an explanation, but at least they found and
> returned the package!

It was off on some sort of pilgrimage around Chalion or the Nexus, or trying
to find a wormhole to jump universes through?!  Perhaps the imminent arrival
of the Worldcon as venue for a gathering of people from different places and
such was considered close enough to wormhole into alternate universe to
effect a return of the book?

There is the case of the Wandering Garden Gnome, after all, and recently
when I was in Boston, there was a couple with cardboard cartoon kid
characters who set them up on a historical wall thing on Boston Common to
take pictures of them on the commemorative setting...