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Warning, perverse Potterverse thought ahead, then On-topic Stuff.
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> There are fics that have Dracos who aren't.  Most of them are
> either Mary Sue fics or Draco/Gryffindor fics (including H/D),
> where Draco suddenly blurts out that all along he really wanted
> to be 'good' or that his love has changed him.   (Draco/Hermione
> is particularly bad for that.  Then again, for Draco to fall in
> love with a 'Mudblood', he'd have to be on something really

Lust, maybe, but LUV? Dubious.... that makes me think of something really
tacky, the concept of Hermione as an Indiscretion of a Malfoy with a Muggle
or Mudblood, fostered out at birth to muggles....

Hmm, now what "indiscretions" in Lois' universes could be farmed out where?
There were those Uterine Replicators deposited on Barrayar, come to think of
it!  And who else might there be secret clones having been made of, besides

If Lois does write a story of Elli Quin's biological son or sons come to
find her up the timeline in the Nexus, that should be fun to read....

Hmm, Heyer's work is a strong influence on Lois' work, and
Hiding/Suppressing Indiscretions is something sometimes addressed in Heyer's
work.  I can't remember which Heyer novel, for example, the information
comes out that the wife of one of the heroine's relatives (or is the wife
the relative of the heroine) had SPENT THE NIGHT with the reforming rake
male protagonist before the
runaways-trying-to=get-to-Gretna-Green-or-some-such were apprehended.  The
female was then married off to Someone Else who was considered Appropriate
for Marriage into a Family averse to rakes, and the rake dispatched off to
India or some such to squelch the scandal and prevent him from doing any
more damage to his family's reputation and enacting any more scandals in the
purview of English Society.  There are the cases of Allowed Adultery,
involving e.g. the "Harleian [spelling] Miscellany" and the FitzHerberts,
and various illegimate children (plus in some cases such as The Talisman
Ring, the legitimate heir is being passed off as one of the many illegimate
descendants of his grandfather...).

It;'s interesting to me to consider also Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's work,
regarding illegimate offspring, or lack thereof, in their work, which also
has a strong influence from Heyer in it, and come to think of it, even Larry
Niven's.  I suppose it goes back to times and cultures that the writers live
in, illegitimacy in the contemporary world is not what it was a couple
hundred years ago, and modern birth control is a lot more publically known
and avaiable and effective than birth control two hundred years ago--and
socially acceptable, for that matter.

In the Nexus, conception on most of the cultures is by conscious decison and
deliberate intent.   On Beta there is no childbearing without a license, nor
are there any conceptions on Athos without the Father-to-be having the
necessary society credits earned for the reproduction centers to go through
in in vitro fertilization and uterine replicator set up necessary for
conception and gestation on Athos.

With societies like Athos and Beta, where procreation is regulated by the
government and unlicenced procreation involves probably major criminal acts
involving medical authorities breaking the law to effect even the possiblity
of unauthorized procreation, "accidents" resulting in babies are going to be
extremely rare.  Barrayar does have indiscretions, but Barrayar also has a
history of infanticide.

> strong...)

> Yes, exactly.  At least they haven't turned Draco into a fish
> yet, though!

Snicker.  I can think of at least one book where a villainous character -is-
turned into a fish, however.