[LMB] Cliches, and their antitheses, was TV SF OT:

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 12:23:24 EDT

Paula writes:

Why  doesn't anyone ever call femmy women "ersatz women"?  To me, it's  just
as valid, or invalid, as labelling nonfemmy women "ersatz  women."   

I think the original comment was that nonfeminine women were or were  not 
"ersatz men."  (Remember how surprised Aral was that Cordelia could be  a soldier 
and still not be an "imitation man?")  And your anger sounds like  you must 
be as old as or older than I am (66), and I know you're  not.  I had a college 
professor tell me once after I had repaired a  broken piece of equipment that 
it was amazing because I didn't look like I could  operate anything more 
complicated than a lipstick tube, and he meant it as a  COMPLIMENT.  There were 10 
female science majors (and I mean all the  sciences--engineering, biology, 
chemistry, physics, etc.; 12 if you count the  two agriculture majors) in my 
college of 3500 enrollment.  I think there  were four female biology majors, of 
which I was one.  No female biology  teachers.  Like the Barrayaran backwoods, 
we've come a long way, even if  there is still a long way to go.