[LMB] "The oldest profession" was: Cliches, and their antitheses OT:

Louann Miller lqmiller at ev1.net
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 18:46:30 -0500

At 04:11 PM 8/19/2004 -0700, Damien Sullivan wrote:

Re firefly ep "Heart of Gold"

> > was on the Madame, and her relationship with the Companion, on her and 
> Mal's
> > interactions, on the woman pregnant with the child desired by the Bad 
> Guy...
> > no real attention to the male sex workers or significant attention or focus
> > time to any of them.
>Not much attention to any of the female sex workers, beyond the pregnant one
>who was the whole point of the plot, or the one hanging on Jayne.  And Zoe,
>River, and Inara wouldn't have been foci for male workers the way Jayne was.

Was I the only one disappointed that the villain's neglected wife and the 
hooker bearing his child didn't team up (not necessarily sexually) to run 
the planet and raise the kid together?

Louann, just wondering.