[LMB] Swishy Queens on Athoos, was Re: Draco lust

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Fri, 20 Aug 2004 00:40:24 -0400

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> >2.  If Draco Malfoy has a heterosexual bone in his body, other
> >than potentially marrying Pansy to get himself an Heir, I will
> >eat my hat.
> Laughing out loud as I just finished picturing Draco fifty years down the
> road as a perfectly poisonous aging queen.

But doesn't he need some tutoring to be a proper swishy queen, he doesn't
dress the part at ALL, he needs queer eye for the gay guy, and some -color-
to set off his paleness and blond hair?  He needs to come out of that

and those thoughts mutated me into thinking of the prospect of e.g. Bel
Thorne in swish queen historical party dress, or Ethan as a swishy queen and
the looks on all those Staid Athosian Fathers who were -already- haunting
his nightmares!  On the other hand, just maybe Ethan's ex might want to play
dressup....  Vorutyer in drag, no, Dono might do -anything-, and then there
are Elli's genetic offspring, arriving to complicate her existence. Yum!