[LMB] OT: cardboard characters

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 06:52:15 -0600

>From: "JMW JMW" <lady_isabeau at msn.com>
>>Reeves can act, when he's made to. "Much Ado About Nothing."
>I didn't think much of him there either, to be frank.  Admittedly, John the 
>Dratsab is a somewhat limited character, as Shakespearean villains go, but 
>we can't keep making excuses for Reeves's acting simply bc he's always cast 
>as wooden, single-dimension characters.  (And really, a *lot* of the 
>characters in "Much Ado" are kind of single-dimensioned--Hero is pretty 
>much a cute young thing who falls in love, but the actress managed to do 
>something with her.)

Berloiz cut out the entire JOhn the B subplot, turned Hero into a cute young 
thing in love, and made his entire opera about the war of wits between 
Beatrice and Benedict. It played at Santa Fe, semi-Victorian costuming (Hero 
in the first act is wearing a white wimple and a tabard with a red ctoss 
over her white gown and leading her ladies as nurses! Neat!). I rarely find 
an opera to be better than the play it was based on, but this was.