[LMB] I gotta vent

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 11:27:28 -0500

There are days I absolutely wish I had never married.  This is one of them.

We live in a ground level apartment.  The view out of my spouse's bedroom 
window is not appealing, as there are a group of heat exchangers for the 
AD/heating system there.

I ordered a double garden hook for my spouse to put hanging plants on. 
outside her bedroom window.  The place from which I ordered had 5 foot or 6 
foot sizes.  I ordered the longer one.  When we put it out there, it was 
still too low (the plants hung below her window).

Another place had a double hook at 7 foot 4 inches.  I ordered that.  It 
just came.  This one, she informs me, is too tall.  I asked if she could 
use something to let the plants hang a little lower?  No, that wouldn't 
do.  She wants me to send it back! I figure we chalk it up to "lessons 
learned".  No, now she's ranting and raving about how she want to move.

Oh, I wish I were single again, again, ...