[LMB] [ListBiz] an observation

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 21:36:43 -0400 (EDT)

 --- Marna Nightingale <marna at marna.ca> wrote: 
> megj at nwlink.com wrote:
> > Er, Marna?  All those links take me to the same
> place, some kind of a login screen for a game?

Me too.

> Meanwhile, try this:

Hey - I've seen some of those mice.  Meese.  Whatever.

Astrological mayhem explains a lot.  I really had had
a week from hell and I'm glad it's over.  (And thanks
to all of you for helping me through it with ideas and
conversation to distract me from the slings and arrows
of RL.)