Contact sports (was: Re: [LMB] OT: Dumbledork)

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Sun, 22 Aug 2004 00:06:33 +0100

> From: Lisa Spurrier <lisa.spurrier at>
> Date: 21 August 2004 07:53
> From: "Robert A. Woodward" boys have DIED on
> > the playing field playing American football. There have also been
> > serious injuries (badly broken legs, broken backs, etc.).

> If it's not too far OT, what would happen in a case like that? Would
> get sued, and/or prosecuted for manslaughter/personal injury?  If so, who
> (the school, teacher, referee, player performing the tackle?)       6 April, 2001

Jailing Powell for six months, Judge Peter Jacobs said: "Assaults committed
on rugby and football pitches are not exempt from criminal law."

Rugby. An ex-player left paralysed when a scrum collapsed wins compensation
in a landmark ruling for UK sport.

At the High Court in London, the WRU admitted responsibility for the match
referee's failure to opt for uncontested scrums, which caused the collapse
while Mr Vowles was playing hooker.
{Soccer} A footballer left with one leg shorter than the other by a tackle
appears in court to claim damages.

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