[LMB] Things I Don't Like In Movies [OT:] (was: cardboard characters

JMW JMW lady_isabeau at msn.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 11:25:08 -0700

>From: "Victoria L'Ecuyer" <vlecuyer at ksu.edu>

>One stinker of a movie where the werewolves and vampires battled it out had 
>"sunlight bullet". (I've blocked the name of the movie, it was so bad). I 
>suspend my disbelief about a UV saturated material that could function as a
>projectile/slug. (The movie was a futuristic dystopia) I rolled my eyes in 
>when they ignored the fact that the UV ammunition worked and started 
>things out with fang and claw for no good reason, plot wise.

Oh!  I just saw part of that.  Part bc I dozed off during the initial fight 
sequence--which I swear must have been about 20 minutes long--during which 
you never found out anything about the characters, so you had no idea which 
side to root for.  I thought the UV ammo was a neat idea, but yeah, they 
never really seemed to _use_ it except for as a plot setup.  (And I use the 
term "plot" loosely here.)

Joy Lanterman

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