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Rebecca J. Carrington rebecca at andrewsgroup.net
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:54:12 -0800

No not new... just busy... and when I had the time there were no messages; now I'm busy again... and list traffic goes up expotentially.. grrr I have noticed this quiet often. I'm not sure what the daily list e-mail average is, though I do remember somebody was once keeping statistics. I remember because the list had me split between 3 or 4 e-mails so it skewed my numbers/average. And this year it will be skewd because once again I had to change my e-mail addy. I'm hoping that this is the LAST TIME.

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& no I didn't get married; just finally got around to changing the last name after the last child is in her final? year of high school after the divorce 16 years ago. Wee... I'm now at the beginning end of the alphabet... 
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From: "Rebecca J. Carrington" <rebecca at andrewsgroup.net>
> Sheesh after June and most of July being SLOOOOW all of a sudden there are
almost 200+?? Messages a day

You must be new. 200+ is normal on this list. ;)

little Alex