[LMB] 8/24/48 - Jane Hotchkiss

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 21:25:37 -0700 (PDT)

There is a rumbling dropping, tumbling kind of sound as a rather
large  pile of books falls to the center of the listee dimensions.
Atop the pile with all elegant grace is a small black cat with Jade
Green eyes, the corner of Tixie wing firmly held in his mouth, an
apron string under his paw.

The Tixie dust pot pops to the surface first, followed by the
wand and then a rather grumbling rumpled Tixie, looking a bit
disheveled from being buried by a pile of hardback copies reading
"The Hallowed Hunt." The pocket rustles as the Tixie is turning it
around to the front.

"Ah, a listee of fine pedigree among the VanDusen/Wood family., Jane
is celebrating her 56th birthday. Ati can you tell if she and her mother
are up at the cabin on the UP built by her grandfather or are they in
the big city of Chicago seeing old sights?" The PURR Net Node simply
bathes, no attempt is even considered to locate Jane.
"Right, well, I know she is on LJ because she posts rather regularly,
but we haven't seen her on the list much recently. Except she DID
bring up Doug's story of his cat Max and the Typoon a couple of
months ago....... great bedtime story for her sons."

The Goblet filled with Jane's favorite beverage floats in the air
next to the pot of Tixie dust that is puffing dust in two directions
to Ati's dismay as the Tixie tries vainly to put herself back to some
sort of a presentable presence.

"Jane, may your 56th birthday include some good times and good
memories, may your health and that of those around  you  remain good
for the coming year and may your burdens be balanced by joys and a
good reading of Lois's newest yet to come. Happy 56th Birthday!"

The book pile shifts a bit and the Tixie pops off with Attila
hanging on by her apron string as the  pile slithers farther and
farther across the dimension.

Susan in Kent