[LMB] no longer OT Miles and Vimes and Carrot, oh my!

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Mon, 30 Aug 2004 09:30:14 EDT

Karen writes:

<snip> say some Barrayaran got lucky and took out a  key
defense and the Escobarrans had to surrender before Beta came to  their
rescue <snip>

That's one of the things Aral was there to prevent.   Obviously there was 
some fighting going on since they had POWs, but it must have  been on a skirmish 
level before Beta got there.  I don't remember if  we're ever told just how 
big the war party was or how powerful  the people in it were (I don't think so), 
but depending on who and how  many, the Escobar invasion might have been the 
best way to do it  without a civil war.  If there were several possible 
leaders, Serg might  not have been essential to the war party.  With Ezar dying, 
letting the war  party get control of the government would have been fatal to 
Gregor and probably  to Princess Kareen as well, and the fighting and destruction 
would have  been on Barrayar.  Look at the various civil wars in 
history--some were  started by very vocal minorities; others by large and powerful groups  
who found it the most convenient way to take over and permanently get  rid of 
their opposition.