Laura Gallagher kelts at charter.net
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:05:36 -0500

Hey, y'all, today is the last day to buy your FenCon membership at the
reduced price!

http://www.fencon.org  DFW - Sept 24-26. 

And we will certainly be doing Bujoldian things there!  There will be a
number of listees there - I hope a large number - and the Gallagher
household will be hosting a Bujold List room party (nothing formally
connected to the con - just us) in our rooms on Friday night.  We're
thinking to declare it starting at 7 pm, but hey, if you're there
earlier, come on by, help us unpack. :-) 

Given that I'll be juggling kids, including one on a restricted diet
that I'll have to schlep pretty much all his food for the weekend, I'm
not going to be able to pull off the kind of amazing food spread that
Lynette put on at ConDFW.  (Honestly, I probably couldn't have pulled
that off back before I had kids.  She's amazing.)  So - I'd like to ask
those listees that are coming if they'd BYOBeverage and ideally bring
some food to the party.  (The room will be nonsmoking.  Kids will be
around, and we won't be serving alcohol.)

So, who all will be there?

Laura Gallagher