[LMB] Commercials was "House Training" [OT:]

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On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 10:53:14 -0700 "Wenrich, William A"
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> Paula Lieberman writes:
> <I sent email complaining to Clorox about their "Mama keeps the 
> house
> fresh
> with the magic of Clorox" ad campaign a year or two ago.>
> What about the Kay Jewelry commercials that imply you need to bribe 
> a
> woman
> (with diamonds of course) for each kiss.
> William A. Wenrich
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I've never understood the allure of diamonds myself- give me opals
anytime. ;-) The amount of time jewelers have spent convincing the world
that they *must* have a diamond is amazing. I don't feel that they have
enough sparkle and look half dead, kind of like your sig line. Now,
opals- they have glitter, color and life. I love the play of light as you
move it and see all the different shades. Gee, that must be why I own
about 15 of 'em. 

Lady Lavender of Teal