[LMB] is it me...

TreePalo at aol.com TreePalo at aol.com
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 16:09:15 EST

All the romantic scenes are fun--I followed Miles' and Ekaterin's romance 
with close attention, and my copy of A Civil Campaign is dogeared.  But I really 
get a kick out of watching Miles being his usual smart aleck, brilliant, think 
outside the box kind of guy (while wondering if he would really be a pain in 
the ass to hang out with...naah, I'd never get bored).  So two of the scenes I 
remember with the most glee would be:
       --Miles talking his way into control of Oser's fleet in the Vor Game.
       --Miles figuring out the test at the academy at the end of the Vor 
Game, involving oxygen masks and toxic gas.
       He's not short.  He's concentrated.