[LMB] Japanese decisionmaking re pregnancy OT:

Marna Nightingale marna at marna.ca
Tue, 01 Jun 2004 16:49:57 -0400

M. Traber wrote:

> So there is no pressure for women to forgo c*ndoms like there is in the 
> US? Back when I was single and dating I had guys refuse to use them, 

I stopped using hormonal b/c -- as soon as I no longer needed to be 100 
percent sure I would not get pregnant -- for exactly this reason. Leverage.

(Yes. I know what that much need for leverage says about the choices I 
was making. Noted. Pass on... it was still a better choice, though not 
the best one.)

> One *put out or get out / I paid $XXX for dinner, you better put out* 
> type dates too many. 

*Sigh* Canadian men too, young or not.

One writes them a cheque.

If possible, in public.

Once the prideless b*stard even cashed it.

And you know? The next week I was considering taking him to the Living 
Well on Yonge.

He took a loss there, the idjit.