[LMB] OT: laundry, Curses, blamed again! (was Goram & Cattliara

Kay Carrasco koolbeans at dfn.com
Tue, 8 Jun 2004 11:02:18 -0600

Rob writes:

>  Why we bother with a dryer here in Phoenix I will never
understand.  I guess its too hot to go outside to use a line... <

   Having just spent nearly $100 on a new motor for the dryer
(versus, however, $400 or so for a whole new machine), I almost
wonder that myself. Except that I don't have a *line*, per se,
not to mention that I'd just as lief not have my lingerie
flapping at the neighbors! (Unfenced yard, you see.)

>  I wonder if they would shrink on a line just by virtue of
being wet and 112 outside? <

   For your future information, no, they will not. And they will
dry incredibly *fast*, too, as Guidz discovered when she slung
heavy blue jeans over the swing set (told you no clothes line
*per se*, right?) and found them dry in 20 minutes or so! Now she
always dries her jeans that way.

   The only drawback to line- (or swing set-) drying is that the
fabric will be rather stiff. You can toss stuff in the dryer on a
very low setting for a few minutes with a dryer sheet like
Bounce, though, and take care of that. There's not enough heat to
cause the fabric to shrink, but enough to soften the fabric and
take the larger creases, if not all small wrinkles, out.

~ Kay, just *brimming* with information this morning.... <G>

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