[LMB] fragments of a post on mutations

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Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:28:01 EDT

Pouncer writes:

Then you  have Prince Serg and Ges Vorrutyer living up to the legend -- at 
least  insofar as they were villains who sought to rape and impregnate.  
does THAT particular perversion originate?

_They_ didn't rape and impregnate, they had Bothari do it.  (Unless  some of 
those URs held illegitimate princes and little Vorrutyers, which I  doubt.  If 
they had, I think Negri would have quietly disposed of them  as possible 
threats to Gregor.)  
Perhaps they considered paranoid schizophrenia (or extreme  ugliness) a 
mutation; that would tie in with the Barrayaran fear of  mutation and being 
pregnant with a mutant baby as a "worst possible" fate.   Prince Serg was a 
homosexual whose fixation was on women who were already  pregnant, although we 
thankfully don't know exactly what he did to  them.  Ges was going to rape Cordelia to 
hurt Aral, but he had  already told Bothari to do so, and Bothari had 
refused.  Actually it seems  a dangerous thing for him to do even without Bothari's 
intervention; what  if the prince had been jealous?