[LMB] Modes of Address (WAS OT: Character and Power)

Alexandra Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Wed, 26 May 2004 10:20:39 -0400

Paula Lieberman wrote:
> Rant warning.

> I am not a Mrs.  I HATE telephone solicitors, and one of the reasons is that
> they will ask, "Is this Mrs Lieberman?" and  when I say, "There is no Mrs.
> Lieberman" they are too STUPID to have a clue that there might actually be a
> woman who owns a house who is NOT MARRIED or who doen't goes by a husband's
> surname. 

I'm not legally married, I own the house. When solicitors
called (priase the Do Not Call registry, more rare lately)
and ask "May I speak to...Mrs. Haropulos, Mrs. Zlotkowski"
(penance enough for these poor idiots) I say "yes". Then
they try to sell me siding for my stucco house or plastic
windows for my historic property.

Life is good. I still like Gharlane's answer to

> just go to a vaguely Russian accent, and start talking about how
>we're going to co-ordinate the bomb deliveries, and the redundant
>triggering systems.   ... and  of course, telling the telemarketer
>that his name is Vasily, and I recognize his voice, so stop with
>the American accent, we have to get this job organized, finished 
>on time, and us out of the country by nightfall....