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pdf form is something I find Excessively Annoying.   It's easierto deal with
a physical book than have to download a steenkeen pdf and then try to print
the thing out.... and often less expensive, too.

The chef last night pointed out that his cookbook is trade paperback and
that its a more friendly, affordable physical item for cooking with and
splattering with food than an expensive coffee table hardcover.

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> Cookbook-
> There is no reason, in this age of computers, that we even need to go to
the expense of _actually_ publishing the cookbook.
> Rather, as a fan project, we could get the recipies, write the text, and
lay it out.
> Then produce the whole thing, images and all (we need pictures of the
food), as a pdf document.
> Webspace is cheaper than dirt, and the cook book is not likely to be over
a mg in size.

If you're doing it as pdf output it WILL be more bytes than that.

> I can guarantee the list has people with layout skills, the software to
make pdf's, and webspace.
> This way the cookbook can easily be shared about, with no need to worry
about the fixed physical costs of shipping, printing, paper etc.
> The negative is that the potential for profit is dramatically reduced. But
I think of the Ma Kosti Cook book as a fan thing anyway.
> Each person can print the book on their own paper and printers. This way
the entire thing can be printed, or just a few pages. Design it to fit a
standard 3 ring binder, and a cover and end tab insert, and you have a
professional product. Cookbooks work well three ring.
> As an ebook, it can even be set up and sold for a nominal charge- say $5
or something to cover the expenses.
> Naturally, this is as much work as doing the printed version. But once the
work is done, it can always then be transfered into a print version- just
keep the original layout files.
> NB. Being sort of practical.
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