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On Saturday, October 9, 2004, at 08:26  AM, Tom Vinson wrote:

> Nelson Bond's _Magic City_ (1942)* depicts a post-catastrophe US
> where the remaining bands of somewhat civilized humans are
> matriarchal.  Women had banded together after the last world war
> and excluded all but a few men kept for breeding purposes.  The
> men became roving bands of raiders, occasionally kidnapping
> women.
> The protagonist is Mother of a clan that has received a revelation
> of women and men living together peacefully, and is engaged in
> spreading the word to others.
> Not great, but an interesting story.

"Magic City" is the 3rd (of 3 AFAIK) "Meg the Priestess" story (others  
are "The Priestess who Rebelled*" and "The Judging of the Priestess").   
Each appeared in a different magazine (I have never seen the 2nd).  
"Magic City" appeared in _Astounding SF_ and was even the cover story  
(which gave away which city was meant).

*Also published as "Pilgrimage" (said to be revised, I suspect that  
this is the version that I read in an anthology in the 60s).

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