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> Why "harsh"? I think you're dead-on about Elli, and
> that's what makes her a 
> sharp tactician.

'Harsh' because she did it without considering her
draftees' own needs, and because her interference not
only disrupted their plans, it actively led to their
health and wellbeing being seriously threatened.

> She saw what had to be done and how
> and she did it. If this 
> means looping others in, why not?

It is one thing to undertake operations with a
relatively high degree of risk with trained personnel
who are aware of and have accepted these risks (ie,
the Dendarii).  It is quite another to do so with
untrained, uninformed personnel who are only involved
because you grabbed them and said, "Help!" (such as
Ethan and her cousin).

> Think General Patton.

I don't know anything about General Patton.  But given
that he was a general, I'm inclined to think that he
used informed military personnel for his manoeuvres
rather than blindsiding civilians.


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