[LMB] AKICIF: Dog Control

Louann Miller lqmiller at ev1.net
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 13:15:40 -0500

At 10:20 AM 10/25/2004 -0400, M. Traber wrote:

>I wouldn't worry too much, just keep the chair clean, and watch them. Dogs 
>do have a food defense/hierarchy and your sprout just discovered he is 
>lower on the totem pole than ace.

Perhaps the question then is, how do I make Ace (the dog) aware that Andrew 
(the kid) is _not_ lower on the totem pole than he is, but immeasurably 

Re baby gates: sigh. We've had them since the sprog could crawl and are 
trying to phase out some of them. The one from kitchen to living room was 
always a particular pain because that opening is 5 feet wide. The only gate 
we could find to span the space -- even cheating it with a bookcase that we 
didn't really want in that location -- was extremely tall and annoying to 
step over.

We have been teaching Andrew to leave the dogs alone when they're eating, 
by taking him (kid) to another room if necessary. That's just common sense. 
And the chair is certainly going to get kept cleaner. But because nothing 
in life is 100%, I want that dog _firmly convinced_ that he's omega in the 
pack with no right to bite _anyone_. Just in case of further opportunities 
for accidents to happen.

I am prepared to use negative reinforcement, even if it would make Holly 
Winter* hate my guts. I want to be both a good mom and a good dog owner. 
But if one of those roles has to go, then it's bad-dog-owner-ahoy without 


*dog trainer/amateur detective in the mystery novels of Susan Conant. 
Holly, is single and childless, both by choice, and therefore doesn't have 
this conflict.