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Sat, 2 Apr 2005 08:06:08 EST

Louann Miller writes:

<<Ah, Cartwright syndrome. Right up there with being an unnamed  security 
ensign or being a 00 agent other than Bond in 60-70's video  causes of 

Yes, wearing a red shirt on a landing team is an indicator of a death  wish.
There is a problem in recurring TV dramas in that you change things  very 
much from week to week. Among other things you can never be sure of the  viewing 
order. Killing even a recurring character in the 5th show in a 13  episode 
season is a definite problem. Major changes must be saved for the last  show of 
the season, probably a cliff hanger.
Also, you will be working with studio people (i.e. REMF) who get upset if  
anything changes from the original treatment. "What do you mean the oldest boy  
got married and moved out! This is supposed to be about a man and his three  
Bill  Wenrich
"... a hard heart is no defense against a soft head."
-  C.S.Lewis, "The Abolition of Man"