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WaWenri at aol.com WaWenri at aol.com
Thu, 7 Apr 2005 19:44:33 EDT

Eric Oppen writes:

Funds.  _This_ is a biggie.  The recent redesign of the  currency means that
I couldn't just draw out some cash from my account and  bring it back and bet
that they wouldn't notice the anomalous dates.   Oh, I could probably do that
with ones, but I'd want to "age" them (run  them through a washing machine,
forex) just to make sure.  Coins---I  could buy bags of "junk" silver and
then weed out the ones with the wrong  dates (too old OR too new) and keep it
up till I had a lot of those, but it  would be heavy to carry and I couldn't
carry too  much.

Rare foreign coins. You will probably pay a premium. Check the dates.
Small amounts can be raised with not very expensive precious metal  jewelry.
Credit RAH in The Number of the Beast.

Bill  Wenrich
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-  C.S.Lewis, "The Abolition of Man"