[LMB] OT: TV Geekness

J Selin harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 1 20:31:36 BST 2005

> Ray writes that the marginal cost of a CD is $.02 and discusses 
> the cost of making a DVD from a broadcast-ready tape.

According to an NPR article, making a DVD from a good quality master
is $10,000.  That's for making the master DVD, getting actors to loup
themselves as necessary, creating crispy bits, new covers and
inserts, and whatever else is in the physical package we buy.  This
doesn't include advertising or distribution costs.

Part of the problem is finding a "good quality" master.  A big reason
why popular recent movies (past 30 years or so) can be surprisingly
rare is the lack of a good quality master tape.  A typical master
tape has 5 bits of dirt per frame, which need to be cleaned by having
somone examine the tape under high magnification and remove the dirt.
 You may have noticed that it took over 20 before the Star Wars
trilogy was released on DVD.  The movies were so popular that the
master tapes wore out.  They spent years looking for a decent one;
the best they could find was *ten* times dirtier than average.


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