[LMB] The Hallowed Hunt

Debbie lioness at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 4 18:45:19 BST 2005

>I liked it better than the other two, but since I am no fan of fantasy it 
>still took me a long time to warm to it.  I'd rather she spent her time 
>writing Vorfiction.  I felt it had too many plotlines and the characters 
>didn't distinguish well for me until about midway.  She used the same style
>of multiple subplots and characters, something that works well in stories 
>like ACC where we well know the characters and the universe, but not as 
>well in new territory.

I like a big cast as long as the writer can handle it well.  Bujold can.

>Anmar who rarely makes it out of the parking lot with a new Vorbujold.

Here's a review I posted on another list which has recently been discussing 
books.  It's directed at least one person to the library to look for her 
works.  Yay!

The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold: Lois Bujold has won more 
literary awards than any author in the field of Science Fiction or Fantasy 
EVER has before. Her people are living, breathing 3D characters with 
complex moral and ethical problems who just happen to live in a Star Wars 
setting. Or in Middle Earth. Free chapters are available online 
http://www.dendarii.com/ebooks.html from all her books, as well as the 
complete short stories "Borders of Infinity" (required reading in some 
military leadership classes) and "The Mountains of Mourning." But don't 
read "Mountains" when you can't afford to cry.

In THH, her newest novel, a insane younger prince is exiled to a remote 
hunting lodge where it's supposed he can't do any damage. There he tries to 
ravish a young woman, who sensibly beats his brains in with his own weapon. 
An investigator is sent from the Crown to determine what happened, bring 
the woman in for a trial and cover up any evidence of the prince's madness. 
But no one is quite whom they seem, including the prince, the woman and the 
investigator; and before you know it you find yourself unraveling a Dorothy 
Sayers mystery in a sword-and-sorcery setting involving a centuries-old 
magical spell.


"He hasn't been the same since his spirit guide discovered object-oriented 

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