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> 1. Vidal was a rich spoiled noble whom very few
> people had ever said  "no"
> to.
> M:
> So he's entitled to take what he wants by force? 
> Does this mean he  can walk 
> into stores and help himself?

Legally: no.  In practical, day to day use: um, yeah,
pretty much.  People knew who he was, the shopkeeper
would just note down what he took off the shelf and
send the bill around to his house.  
> 2.  Mary had put herself into  his control--she
> voluntarily kept an
> assignation with him which she was well  aware that
> his intentions were NOT
> good.
> M:  
> IOW, "She asked for it"?  Are you listening to
> yourself?

Not... really.  It's a case of: she knew he wanted to
sleep with her sister and her sister had indicated her
willingness to do so, she knew he thought she *was*
her sister, she knew he'd been drinking, and she knew
he had a key to the room.  She *could* have gone to
her cabin and locked the door, that being a room he
did NOT have the key to.  She didn't.  She *did*
secrete a gun on her person.

It's not so much she asked for it as much as she
placed herself in a situation where she knew her rape
was highly likely, and while she did take some
preventative countermeasures she didn't avoid the
situation altogether, which was possible.

> 3. He  was drunk at the time, IIRC.
> M:
> _That's_ supposed to be a mitigating factor?  I
> think it just makes  him 
> worse--

In this case, it lowered his inhibitions so he was
more inclined to go to a woman who he had every reason
to believe would welcome his advances.  That's
something which is very clearly shown in the book -
Sophie had been leading Vidal on, so when
impersonating her Mary led him on, and he had no
reason to assume that her actions weren't genuine
until she pulled the gun on him.

If he'd been sober, she wouldn't have needed to do
more than pull the gun on him.  As Vidal's father says
to Mary, "Vidal's morals are rather better than mine."


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