[LMB] Re: AKIKIF: Lost Book

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Thu Dec 1 09:19:31 GMT 2005

Kirsten Edwards wrote:

>"The book starts off with a women and her husband out in their house out in the redwood forest of California. 

>Nearly the entire world has been emptied except for the children and select adults who display a wide variety of necessary skills for the continuation of the human species as an  educated race. Only the bad elements have been removed."
>Any ideas?
it rings a bell, but very, very vaguely. I am afraid I can't point you 
in the right direction, the only thing I can say is that something in my 
mind started to whisper Octavia Butler. But I know most of her books 
fairly well and than I would know wich one it is. Could it be a short 
story? Or maybe an embeded story in an other book?
If it suddenly pops into my head I'll let you know.
(Oh and please share if you figure it out, thnx)


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