[LMB] OT: Cool, in fact cold, link of the day: Arctic political campaigns

Bruce Perry bhrperry at comcast.net
Thu Dec 1 22:24:01 GMT 2005

At 02:05 PM 12/1/2005, Pete wrote:
 >Marna wrote:
> >Oh, yeah ... insofar as the Pole is a no-dimensional point, it is at
> >the corner of our claimed borders in the Arctic Ocean. (Since the
> >Arctic is not "open ocean" but is in fact full of pack-ice, we
> >figure we can claim jurisdiction all the way to the Pole. At least I
> >think that's the argument. Marna?) The borders in question are a
> >northward extension of our land border with your state of Alaska,
> >and a northward extension of our sea boundary with the Danish
> >autonomous island of Greenland. They intersect at the Pole, and that
> >makes Santa about 1/6 Canadian ... depending, I suppose, on which
> >side of the Pole he's domiciled on. He even has a postal code:
> >letters to Santa from Canadian children are adressed to Santa Claus,
> >North Pole, NWT H0H 0H0.
>I guess that an assumption is made that Santa's house is in the NWT,
>and not in Nunavut?

There is another North Pole.  It's not near geographic or magnetic ones 
though.  It's in Alaska (not far from Fairbanks).  I was there briefly in 
1984 or 85.


There is an official Santa Claus house there.  You can even arrange to get 
North Pole cancellations on your cards and letters.


I suspect that would be impractical for people living outside the US to do 
since US stamps or some internationally valid stamp would be needed, but I 
am not wise in the ways of postage.


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