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At 01:06 AM 12/5/2005, I wrote:
>At 02:15 PM 5/12/2005, Peter H. Granzeau wrote:
>>Whereas Britain, with one of the original models of a two-chamber 
>>parliament, has emasculated the House of Lords to the point it can 
>>do nothing whatever to "money bills", cannot amend anything, and is 
>>limited to delaying other bills for 12 months.

>Much of these reforms where partly due to the Australian 
>difficulties in 1975. For those interested search for "dismissal" 
>"November 11 1975"     and "constitutional crisis" Australia to find 
>more data than you probably need.

I thought the British constitutional changes went back further than that?

Checking the Britannica, the Parliament Act of 1911 made all "money 
bills" become law one month after passage by Commons, whether the 
Lords had approved them or not, and provided that all other bills 
become law if passed by Commons in two successive Parliamentary 
sessions and at least two years had passed between the second reading 
in the first session and its third reading in the second 
session--this was reduced to one year in 1949.

Since 1999, only 92 of the 750 hereditary peers may sit in the House 
of Lords, together with the life peers, the Lords Spiritual (the 26 
bishops of the Church of England) and the Law Lords (who sit as the 
highest court of appeals in Britain (except for Scottish criminal 
cases).  The 92 hereditary peers are only a temporary measure (it 
says here); the Labour party is committed to the eventual abolishment 
of the House of Lords altogether.

The Australian "constitutional crisis" could happen in America, quite 
easily.   If one House of Congress refuses to pass a budget or money 
bill, in the US nothing can be done about it.  In Australia, at 
least, the GG had the power to order new elections, over the 
objection of the PM (which is what made it a crisis, to start 
with).  Nothing on Earth could order new elections in the US.

Regards, Pete
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