[LMB] OT: Request for Book Rec: Quantum Computing in Fiction

Jessy Brody jessybrody at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 00:06:53 GMT 2005

I'm going to briefly delurk to ask if any of youse guys know of any
book in which quantum computing has rendered present encryption
methods useless, and which shows how society adjusted; this came up in
my Computer Science class (which I'd like quite a lot, if I weren't
tested on the material), and my discussion group postulated that,
among other effects though this one being one of the more interesting,
instead of one big internet, there would be smaller ones, like school
intranets, whose members would be previously known and trusted ...

Though now I remember that that's a lot like in _Idoru_ by William
Gibson, in which a killfile is turned inside out, though not for the
same reasons ...

And in regards to the ethics of anthropology thing, I will get back to
you guys (and esp Marna) on that, but I have more papers than I'd care
to count which need writing in the next two weeks ...

Ellipses, that's what it's all about.

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