[LMB] OT: looking for Thud game review

Bruce Perry bhrperry at comcast.net
Wed Dec 7 19:20:16 GMT 2005

I've read Pratchett's latest book, Thud, and enjoyed it.  Imagine my 
surprise to find that the game the book is named after now exists.  I'm 
intrigued, but I'd like to be sure that the game is good before buying 
it.  It seems to be available only in the UK at present, so buying and 
shipping it are more expensive than I'd like for an unknown quantity.

Google hasn't been helpful in locating a review, and Ebay seems to find 
only sellers in the UK.  Has anyone played it, seen an online review, or 
know of a North American seller of the game?

O List, possessor of esoteric truth, help me in my hour of unsatisfied 


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