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To answer another question first, the subtitle of the second volume of 
_The Sharing Knife_ will be _Legacy_.  Publication late spring or summer 
'07, I'm guessing.

It was kind of a coin-toss between that and _Heritage_, but I think 
_Legacy_ falls a bit closer to the theme of the knife.

Anyway, going on...

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LMB Wrote:
There may be a modest book tour, concentrating on the
>  / upper Midwest, this time; it will be some months before I have
/>/ confirmed > details.
Any way the "upper Midwest" might include Albuquerque? It'd be a lovely
housewarming gift, birthday present (hey, it may be in July, but I can
wait), and I KNOW that Albuquerque is good for nerves, upset stomach,
coughs, colds, jaundice, um... umm... as a hair tonic!

Just mildly begging, honest.

I'm not real clear myself on how bookstores are selected for author 
appearances.  But I believe the store must ask the HarperCollins 
publicity department well in advance, to make arrangements.  (In other 
words, first contact comes from the store, unless it's one they hit 
regularly.)  HC, not unnaturally, prefers to spend their budget placing 
their authors in stores that report to the major bestseller lists.  In 
addition, the site and time must fit rationally travel-wise with the 
other venues on the tour.

HC is devoting a slightly more modest promotional budget to this book, 
not being the first one out of the gate any more, which is fine by me -- 
I don't *want* a big book tour.  I've come to loath airports, and I 
spent the most of my last tour incubating flu, which was in full mode at 
least three days before the end.  (Or it might have been West Nile 
Virus.  Summer flu in the Midwest, hard to tell these days.  Pick your 
paranoia.)  So yeah, Albuquerque is likely a bit out of range.

It's good that I'm hitting a different area than the past tours, though.

The more modest promotion does mean that pre-orders are going to be 
*very* important this round.  (But it's still too soon, stand down!)

I should have some news on the cover/s in a few weeks.

bests, Lois.

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