[LMB] Winter reading

Dawn Benton dhbenton at worldnet.att.net
Sat Dec 10 04:34:21 GMT 2005

From: "Adam Ek" <adamek at mac.com>Wrote:
> I think it's time to reread Alan Dean Foster's Icerigger.
I really like Icerigger and both of the sequals.  Have you read Mission to 
Mouloukin and/or The Deluge Drivers?

As for winter reading, I just finished Lynne Truss'  "Eats shoots & Leaves" 
and "Talk to the Hand".  I laughed so hard at work, they asked what I was 
reading.  Now, I am finishing up Jared Diamond's latest, "Collapse" and 
Michael Korda's "Horse People".  Plus I have a book about the history of the 
tulip waiting for me at the library.


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