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Mon Dec 12 03:54:52 GMT 2005

I don't own a television or listen to the radio often[1] , so i would like a 
quick mass-market reality check from the big wide world of listees, please

I just heard a commercial on the radio, that people who are addicted to 
over-the-counter medicine should tell their doctors, and get help.  there 
were an alternating male and female voice.  it started off the same for 
both, woe is me, my work is wrecked, my home life is wrecked, i'm afraid to 
tell anyone, i finally told my doc and got help. (so far so good)

the last 2 lines of this advert rather shocked me.
woman: my daughter got her mother back.
man:      i finally got my life back.

what?  doesn't the woman get her life back too?  or is her life supposed to 
be fulfilled by her daughters happiness in getting mommy back?   does she 
have no identity of her own?  i thought women are no longer defined as "ma 
kosti' , 'someone's mother' or 'someone's wife'.

is this a fluke, or did mass marketing not get the news flash that women 
have lives, too?

ziviya, perfectly happy to be X's Mom to hte neighborhood kids, not so much 
from other adults.

[1] -not- a complete ignoramus here, people, there are still newspapers and 
the internet..  i get my news from reading, mostly, instead of listening. 

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