[LMB] Re: Narnia Read-Alikes OT:

Rachel Ganz rachel at compromise.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 18:17:51 GMT 2005

> A central character is a feisty girl
> who doesn't hold back because she's a girl, but isn't above using
> "feminine wiles" when necessary.   Astrid Lindgren's Bill Bergson series
> -- Bill Bergson, Detective; Bill Berson Lives Dangerously; Bill Bergson
> and the White Rose Rescue -- set in a small Swedish town sometime in the
> fifties.  Hard to get hold of but worth it -- I wish they'd be reissued!

 I remember a formidable discussion about the feminist credentials of "Pippi Longstocking". While she was feisty, Tommy and Anneka were highly-stereotypical.

I know we always see ourselves as the heroines - but we're more likely to end up as supporting characters, so it's worth checking what their roles are too.


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