[LMB] [OT:] piece of trivia about Narnia film

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Wed Dec 14 16:48:55 GMT 2005

Susan Fox wrote:

> I have the sneaking suspicion that they may cut down the battle scenes 
> a bit for the dubbed version for the younger children.  Those were 
> awfully scary even if the combatants were obviously not human beings.  
> You might want to find out the running time of each version and see if 
> they are diffent.

yes, it had crossed my mind aswell, and lo and behold a 20 minutes 
difference. This might well be with an eye on the violence but I guess 
also to make the length 6+ acceptable. (125 minutes is still loooooong 
for most of that agegroup)
Dutch film assesment uses symbols, both the 12 year and the 6 year old 
version have the symbols for violence and for scary stuff (creatures, 
earthquakes and such).

> I'm not sure if you meant "no conscious effort..." or if you were 
> implying that "conscience" might lead to editing for the tiny tots!  
> <smile>

I meant that all translation involves change of some sort. I meant that 
generally there was no such policy of doing a kind of adaptation in 
translation. But it does makes perfect sense from a marketing point of 
view, now there are 2 markets to cater to.


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