[LMB] [OT:] piece of trivia about Narnia film

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Wed Dec 14 17:12:23 GMT 2005

Hendon, Alison wrote:

>There was some debate about the children's ages somewhere - was it here?
>Where it seemed that they were older than the narnianhistory site would
>allow.  This was I think based on them going to boarding school
>(particularly Lucy) which the original poster felt wouldn't happen till they
>were 13, so Lucy would be 13 in Prince Caspian and the rest older (15, 16,
That surprises me because I've heard and read (both literary as real 
life) of childeren much younger than taht in boardingschools.

In fact, citing a boardingschool information page:

 >>The term boarding school is derived from the usage to board in 
school, which means to stay or reside in the school. Many public schools 
("private school" in American English) are boarding schools. They 
involve long-term separation from one's parents and culture, and thus 
give rise to a phenomenon known as the TCK or third culture kid. Pupils 
may be sent to boarding schools between the ages of two and eighteen; 
they can be sent to any number of specific types of boarding schools, 
from nursery boarding schools (or Kindergarten boarding schools) to 
senior preparatory boarding schools. The amount of time one spends in 
boarding school also varies considerably, from a brief period of 1 year 
to more than 12 years in boarding school<<

Thus hardly no infromation to be gained from just the fact of 
boardingschool- attendance


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