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Sun Dec 18 11:03:04 GMT 2005

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005 06:02:11 GMT, "Kirsten Edwards"
<carbonelle at juno.com> said:
> "They're certainly determined to keep CS Lewis' 
> POV intact in the Narnia movies, but, oh, that's 
> because it's *allegory*. I may tend to agree
> more with one POV than the other, but I also 
> respect the rights of each of the authors to have 
> their intent preserved fairly intact."
> (1) It's not allegory. "Allegorical" if you 
> absolutely must.
> (2) I think you're confusing the "they's" involved:
> Walden Media (a company founded specifically to
> promote great stories on film ("Because of Winn
> Dixie" "Holes" "Narnia") and the Sci-Fi channel.

Pardon me. It's *an* allegory, ok? To be frank, though, if I wanted a
public grammar lesson, I'd ask.

I've never heard of Walden Media, nor any of the other productions you
cite, but it's nice that they appear to be committed to making good
movies. I also think it's easier to get big budget and Disney support if
your movie supports certain POVs compared to others. Which is par for
the course in the movie world. I'm not actually snarking at Narnia,
because I loved the books, and I'm pleased that they've appeared to done
reasonable justice to them. 

I just wish that big budget movie-making had a broader scope - but
that's a common complaint. And, yep, I know that the big budget stuff is
directed at what will *sell*. That's how the system works.

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