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Sun Dec 18 20:57:15 GMT 2005

Noel Rappin <noelrappin at gmail.com> wrote:

> The gentlemen who you are referring to in Phantom was probably
> Robert Guillaume, who played it some time in the late 1980s.  And I
> remember some eyelash turning concerning it -- I wouldn't have
> about it at the time except for the fact that it generated some  
> mainstream press.  Although I think the press was mostly because  
> Guillaume was by that point more famous for his sitcom work. 
> (Saying he was considered a "top theater talent" is probably a
> strong, though).

I'd have to disagree - by then he'd already been nominated for a Tony
for Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls and had several other shows to
his credit as well.  I remember a theatrically-minded (and apparently
non-television-minded) teacher I had, upon hearing that he was in
Soap and Benson, saying something to the effect of "and he does TV
too?" in a swoony voice.  So he was apparently was something of a
"top theatre talent" before he starred in Phantom.



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